Full Schedule

9th Annual Indiana University Landscape, Space, and Place Conference 2015
February 26th –February 28th
Schedule of events

Thursday, February 26th

Venue: Georgian Room (Indiana Memorial Union, 1st floor)

Time Session Speakers
1:30 PM Faculty presentations

Roger Mullin
(Assistant Professor, Dept. of Architecture, Dalhousie University, Nova Scotia, Canada)
“Sacred Landscapes of the Sámi: Nomadism / Animism / Arctic Landscapes / Finnmark”
Kanika Verma
(Lecturer and Research Scholar, Texas Atlas Project, Department of Geography, Texas State University)
“Role of Urban and Rural Places in Geospatial Thinking of Undergraduates in the United States”
Reena Dube
(Associate Professor, International Film and Literature Department of English Indiana University of Pennsylvania)
“Disembedded gaze of  embedded stories: The global cityscape in “Mumbai Dairies” (2010) and “Kahani” (2012)
M. Elen Deming
(Professor, Department of Landscape Architecture, College of Fine & Applied Arts,University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign)
“The Structure of Feeling: Myth and Reality in the Modern Village”
3:00 PM



4:00 PM

“Bringing Other Clemsons to Light
(Poster Session on historical landscape change at the Clemson campus)
Project Head: Dr. Lance Howard
Presenters: Nick Bolick, Chad Lee, Marcus Mrazeck, Will Rice, Scott Shelton
“Clemson University Department of History and Geography”
Material Demonstration  – by Clemson University (at Student Building 017)


Friday, February 27th

Venue: State Room East (Indiana Memorial Union, 2nd floor)

10:00 AM Keynote address Yi-Fu Tuan
(Professor Emeritus, Department of Geography, University of Wisconsin-Madison)
“Space and Place: Another Look”
11:00 AM  Regional Identities Elizabeth Davis
(Department of English, Wake Forest University)
“The Poet as Successor: Seamus Heaney’s “Follower” and the Problem of Origins”
Jacob Meeks
(Comparative Literature, Rutgers University)
“[Growing] to manhood among phantoms”: Trauma, the South, and the Womb in Faulkner’s Light in August
Moussa Thiao
(Comparative Literature, Indiana University Bloomington)
“Education Begins at Home: Coming of Age in the Information Age: a Comparative Study of Le ventre de l’Atlantique and Graceland”
12:00 PM Break for lunch
1:30 PM  Urbanscapes Molly Briggs
(Department of Landscape Architecture, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)
“A Rubric for Diagnosing the Panoramic Uncanny in Landscape Design”
Francine Dibacco
(Cinema and Media Studies, York University, Toronto, ON)
“This Must Be The Place: The Image of the City and Torontoʼs Urban Design Group”
Mariah Smith
(Classics Department, Indiana University Bloomington)
“Tensions between City and Country in the Spaces of Ancient Roman Literary Identity”
2:30 PM Public spaces Chelsea Wait
(School of Architecture, UW-Milwaukee)
“Reading and Reframing Ordinary Spaces: Interdisciplinary Studies and Performance in Milwaukee”
Steve Burrows
(Department of Landscape Architecture, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)
“Indiana State Parks and the Exhibitionary Complex”
Dan T Johnston
(Department of Geography, Indiana University Bloomington)
“The I-69 Regional Summit: A Public Private Space”
3:30 PM History vs Pop culture Dustin Ritchea
(Department of Telecommunications, Indiana University Bloomington)
“Realistic Fantasy and Sub-creation: A Narratological Approach to Evaluating Storyworld Construction by Using J.R.R. Tolkien’s Middle-earth”
Beth Ciaravolo
 (Department of Geography, Indiana University Bloomington)
“Spring Grove and SpongeBob: History, Memorialization, and Popular Culture in a Romantic Cemetery”
Zach Vaughn
(Media School, Department of Journalism and Mass Communication,  Indiana University Bloomington)
“Orientalism & The Act of Killing: A Critique of the Representations of the Indonesian Communist Purge of 1965-1966”
4:30 PM Keynote address Ann Laura Stoler
(Willy Brandt Distinguished University Professor of Anthropology and Historical Studies, New School for Social Research, New York)
“Raw Cuts/Other Folds: On the Temporal Topographies of Colonial Studies”
6:00 PM-7:00 PM Reception at Oliver Winery Downtown
Saturday, February 28th
Venue: State Room East (Indiana Memorial Union, 2nd floor)
10:00 AM Landscape literature Daniel Benyousky
(English Department, Baylor University)
“[S]trange thanks”: Place, Displacement, and Gratitude in the Poetry Derek Walcott”
Trish Bredar
(Department of English, University of Colorado Boulder)
“Time and Landscape in Charlotte Brontë’s Shirley”
Stephen Howard
(Department of English, Florida State University)
“Given Over Completely to Flowers”: Gardens as Sites of Resistance and Expression in Toni Morrison’s Paradise”
11:00 AM On the margin Jennifer Lynn Jones
(Department of Communication and Culture, Indiana University Bloomington)
 “Running the Gauntlet: Navigating Physical and Affective Terrains in Fat Female Embodiment”
Lora Smith
(Department of Communication & Culture, Indiana University Bloomington)
A “Site” for Sore Eyes?: Exploring Performances of Place in Community”
Elizabeth Morgan Stark Pysarenko
(American Culture Studies, Bowling Green State University)
‘Even in the Daytime it is Dark’: the Landscape of Displaced and Marginalized Bodies in New York City’s Underground’
12:00 PM Break for lunch
1:30 PM National Imaginaries James N. Gilmore
(Department of Communication and Culture Indiana University Bloomington)
“The (Digital) Production of Space in Zodiac”
Sophia Farmer
(Department of Art History, University of Wisconsin-Madison)
“In volo sul paese: Modern Aviation and the Italian Fascist Conception of the Idealized Landscape in the Imaginings of the Aeropittura”
Jonathan Bratt
(School of Geographical Sciences and Urban Planning, Arizona State University)
“The Coherent Landscape: Parallelism in China’s Landscape Literature”
2:30 PM Keynote address Derek Richey
(President of Bloomington Restorations Inc., Co-Author of Bloomington: Then & Now, A Bloomington Fading Project, and Advisory Board Member at Bloomington Historic Preservation Commission)
“Changes in the Bloomington Landscape During the Urban Renewal Era (1950-1975): How “Progress” Created a Sea of Pavement and Nearly Destroyed Downtown Bloomington”


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