Thank you for an amazing conference

To all that attended, presented, or participated an any way, thank you. What an amazing conference! We cannot thank you enough – we could not have done this without you. We know that it comes at great sacrifice to travel and coordinate schedules this time of year, and we appreciate all that were able to come.

We have a long legacy of previous organizers to thank. As we move forward, we would also like to leave a legacy of the things we’ve learned about the whole process for those that follow. As you think about your experience, please share your reflections with us!

1) What worked? What would you like to see more of?
2) What didn’t work? How can we improve?
3) Did you miss any of the sessions? If so, please let us know why and if there is anything we could do as organizers. (We understand that weather was an issue for many people attending, and that there is so much going on outside our conference. We’d just like to get an idea.)

Again, thank you all so much. We look forward to many of you participating in future conferences with us. Next year will be our 10th Anniversary!

​Katie Lind, Dan Johnston, and Nitasha Sharma
~scapes Co-Chairs​

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