Schedule of Events

*This schedule is subject to change*

10th Annual Indiana University Landscape, Space, and Place Conference 2016

March 3-5th

Schedule of Events

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Venue: IMU State Room East

Time Session Speakers
12:30pm Introductions
12:45pm-2pm Mapping Film Culture and Aesthetics Chris Lukinbeal
(The University of Arizona, School of Geography and Development)
“‘On Location’ Filming in San Diego County from 1985-2005: How a Cinematic Landscape is Formed Through Incorporative Tasks and Represented Through Mapped Inscriptions”Carolin Kirchner
(UCLA, Cinema and Media Studies Department)
“Towards an Aesthetic of the Revolutionary Sublime: Counter-Aesthetic and Counter-Culture in Michelangelo Antonioni’s Zabriskie Point (1970)”

 Joan Hawkins
(Indiana University, Media School)
“Downtown Cinema and Exhibition 1975-2001

2:00pm-3:15pm Designs on Urban Media Joshua Singer
(San Francisco State University, Department. of Design and Industry)
“Creating Landscape Fictions as Narrative in Digital Space: The ‘Interchangeable City Surface Modules of Detroit and Stockholm’”

Alexander Svensson
(Indiana University, CMCL/Media School)
“All Eyes on L.A.: The Strain Billboard and Affective Horrors in the Media City”

Chris Lukinbeal
(The University of Arizona, School of Geography and Development)

3:15pm-3:30pm Break
3:30pm-4:45pm Keynote Address Jillian Rickly
(The University of Nottingham, UK, Business School)
Title: Negotiating authenticity, authority, and ethics: The politics of exclusion in sustainable adventure tourism
Friday, March 4, 2016

Venue: State Room East (8am-1pm); Oak Room (2pm-6pm)

9:30am Introductions
10:00am-11:15am Memory and Heritage Kathryn Hannum
(Kent State University, Department of Geography)
“Mapping the Transnational Commemoration of Alfonso R. Castelao”Skylar Calvert
(Indiana University, School of Informatics and Computing)
“The Cycle of Public Memory in an Industrialized Town”

Stefany Van Scoyk
(University of Kansas, Department of Germanic Languages and Literatures)
“German-Jewish Chronotopes of Heimat”

Meredith Wadlington
(Western Kentucky University, Institute for Citizenship and Social Responsibility, English Department)
“Pan-African Pastoral: Reimagining the Natural Spaces of Harlem Renaissance Poetics”

11:15-11:30am Break
11:30am-12:45pm Cinematic Urges: Narrating Landscape, Space, and Place Jin Lee
(University of New Hampshire, English Department)
“‘Reverie’ and ‘Irony’: ‘Reverse Mimicry’ of the White Travelers in King Solomon’s Mines”Panagnimba Parfait Bonkoungou
(University of Texas, El Paso, Department of Languages and Linguistics)
“Landscapes of Liberation in Buud Yam (1997) and Yeelen (1987)”

 Laura Sharp
(The University of Arizona, School of Geography and Development)
“Vision, Loss, and the Sociality of Absence in Kurosawa’s Dersu Uzala

Julie Le Hégarat
(Department of Comparative Literature, Indiana University)
“Queer Families and the Transgression of Space: A Case Study of Wild Side

12:45pm-2:15pm Lunch Break (move to Oak Room!)
2:15pm-2:50pm IULMIA screening in the Oak Room Andy Uhrich
(co-director, IU Libraries’ Moving Image Archive)
3:00pm-4:15pm A Place By Any Other Name Kelsey Carlson
(Syracuse University, Department of Geography)
“Mitakuye Owas’in (All are My Relatives): ‘Our Language Describes the Land”Jörn Seemann
(Ball State University, Department of Geography)
 “From Aaron to Zulu: Revisiting Indiana Place Names and their Spatial Histories”

 Lance Howard with Will Rice, Lucy Rummler, Jacob Nikkila, and Michael Holland
(Clemson University, Department of History and Geography)
“The Clemson University Campus as an Historical and Experimental Landscape Text”

Susan Alt
(Indiana University, Department of Anthropology)
“Converting the Sacred: How Landscapes of Worship Became Landscapes of Power in Ancient Native America”

Saturday, March 5, 2016

Venue: State Room East 9am-7pm

9:30am Introductions
10:00am-11:15am Envisioning the Empire Casey Monroe
(Tufts University, Department of Art and Art History)
“‘A Vision of Empire: William Henry Jackson and the Mexican Railroad”Leila Saboori
(University of Wisconsin Milwaukee, School of Architecture and Urban Planning)
“Oil as Agent of Landscape Change: Abadan and Masjid Suleiman in the First Half of the Twentieth Century”

Dinah Holtzman
(Indiana University, Gender Studies)
“‘Putting Decolonization on Stage’: Comparative Analysis of Photographs of Le Corbusier’s Chandigarh Capitol Complex”

Meaghan O’Dea
(University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, English Department)
“An Opera Out on the Turnpike: Geography, Masculinity, and Ethnicity in Manuel Munoz’s The Faith Healer of Olive Avenue and Breece D’J Pancake’s The Complete Stories

11:15am-11:30am Break
11:30am-12:45pm Edible Landscapes Katje Armentrout
(Purdue University, American Studies)
“Becoming a Cosmopolitan Farmer: The Case of the Millennial Generation’s Migration Back to the Agrarian Middle Landscape”Megan Betz, Joe Betz
(Indiana University, Department of Geography; Ivy Tech-Bloomington, Department of English)
 “A New Midwestern Pastoral”

Michael Bryant
(Indiana University, Department of Germanic Studies)
“The Cultural Economy of the Döner Kebab”

Lindsay Knapp
“Near Nature: The Role of Native Botany in the Geography of Everyday Life”

12:45pm-2:15pm Lunch Break
2:30pm-3:45pm Locating the Domestic or Home Space Sana Iqbal
(Aga Khan University, UK)
“Swahili Women as Social Agents Enunciating Changing Use of Space”Lora Smith
(Indiana University, Department of Communication and Culture)
“The [Forgotten] Home Site of W.E.B. DuBois: A Rhetorical and Ethnographic Approach”

Hongyan Yang
(University of Wisconsin Milwaukee, Department of Architecture)
“The Remaking of Everyday Domestic Landscapes as Immigrants’ Cultural Inheritance and Adaptation”

3:45pm-4:00pm Break
4:00pm-5:15pm Keynote Address Chris Post
(Kent State University, Department of Geography)
“Going Beyond May 4: Memorialization and Public Pedagogy at Kent State”

*This schedule is subject to change*


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