Call for Papers: 2018 Conference

It’s that time of year again! It’s with pleasure that we extend the CFP for the 12th Annual Conference on Landscape, Space, and Place, to be held on March 2-3, 2018!

Call for papers:

Landscape Studies is multidisciplinary, with a diverse array of approaches that give the field its strength. The Landscape, Space and Place (LSP) Conference is in its 12th year of bringing together scholars across various disciplinary backgrounds and from different stages of their careers. At this conference, all scholars interested in the widely varied interpretations and analyses of landscape are invited to join in the exchange of ideas and consideration of novel intellectual perspectives, to join in the effort of building a more integrative framework for the field.

We are open to many interpretations of Landscape, Space, and Place. Some previous papers and sessions have dealt with the following approaches:

*Geographies of film culture and exhibition

*Digital landscapes, mapping, and geo-caching

*Global conflict, borders, and nationalism

*Queer spaces, gendered places, and visual culture

*Whiteness and racialized landscapes

*Archaeology and landscape history

*Visual culture and media studies

*Tourism, post-colonialism, and boundary crossing

*Emplacement, displacement, and hybridity

*Environmental landscapes and politics

*Migration, geographies of everyday life

*Animal and post-human geographies

*Architecture and theories of design

*Photography and documentary studies

*Soundscapes, sound studies, and sonar

*Literary Geographies, text(ile)ual spaces, contexts

*Embodiment and the politics of scale

Potential questions to address include but are not limited to:

How do landscapes shape dynamics of power and how do these power structures in turn shape landscapes? *What are the relationships between spaces and cultural and artistic practices? *How can places influence conceptualizations of citizenship and political involvement? *What are some of the contemporary or historical ways of representing and experiencing space? *What are some of the ways of circulating and reproducing notions of place?

Information and Guidelines for Submission:

The LSP conference will feature workshop panels of 3-4 people presenting papers related to a general theme. Presenters should prepare 10-12 minute presentations that will be followed by a 15-20 minute Q/A. Papers may include a variety of multimedia aids. Along with typical PowerPoint paper presentations, past conferences have included landscape architecture panels, artistic installations, hands-on demonstrations, and film screenings. Such creative project submissions are also welcome and can be accommodated. Please notify the coordinators of your particular needs in the email which accompanies your abstract submission.

For any type of submission please include: a written abstract of 250-300 words, five (5) keywords to describe your project, and list two (2) bibliographic references. Submissions are due by January 31, 2018. Please click the “abstract submission” button above to submit. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at

Conference Committee: Beth Ciaravolo (chair) and Abdul Aijaz


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